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    JAGeZe Language Learning Software (with an MLM System) - presented by JAG (id:1) JAG
  • Are you learning a foreign language?
  • Need to build up your vocabulary?
  • No easy way of testing yourself?
    Over the last 14 years I've developed some Windows software - vocabulary and test programs, along with a database now containing 12,000+ words from each of the English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Hindi and Russian languages! Packages are available containing all combinations of 2 from the above languages - more than 50 packages in total! If you purchase any of the available packages, currently costing €10, you can join our MLM (Multi-level marketing) system at no extra cost. If you then get others to join in the same way as you, you then receive 40% in royalties, and in addition 40% of their royalties too! This pays down to 9 levels!
  • Why is this being done, you might ask?
  • We need to reach a wider audience, and also share the profit! How many people in China and Brasil are learning a foreign language?
  • Also, with extra capital, additional languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi and other languages could be added, along with versions for the MacIntosh, iPhone and Android!
    * Act now before the price increases! *
    If you sign up now you will be guaranteed the €10 software purchase price (any of the 50+ available packages)! You can use the software for 30 days without paying, but beware that if people join the system under you, you won't be entitled to any royalties from their earnings, until of course you purchase the package, and thus sign up!
    * WARNING - This system could easily be good for your wealth! *
    This system would also be ideal for schools, charities and clubs etc wishing to raise funds! At the moment payments can only be made by PayPal so you would need a PayPal account, though AlertPay and normal bank account transfers are being looked into!
    Just imagine, you pay €10 for software to improve your vocabulary and get an MLM business for free!
    Once you pay for the software, we guarantee you won't have to pay for anything else. Please note however that in order to receive payments through PayPal, you will need to bear the transfer costs!
    For the future, we are looking into adding some wellness products into the system though the royalty rate would probably be around 20%!

    ©JAGeZe 2012 ---- JAGeZe VOF is registered in the Netherlands KvK nr 34211911

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